Facility Design Principles


  1. To design and invest in well-ventilated facilities that minimize safety and health risks to our customers, neighbours and employees.
  2. To avoid fire hazards by using piped town gas so long as the national gas pipeline infrastructure is available at the store location.


  1. To provide 60°C hot water that balances laundry sterlization with the maximization of your clothing's useful life.
  2. To use dissolved-ozone laundry systems and not bubbled-ozone laundry systems for reasons of health and fabric care.


  1. To design and invest in facilities that maximize the use of natural light and passive ventilation systems.
  2. To use energy saving lights and lighting control systems to minimize electricity consumption.
  3. To promote the use of Ozone and cold water in sterilizing laundry, thereby reducing hot water and energy consumption. 
  4. To further reduce our carbon footprint by using Town Gas instead of LPG in our facility.
  5. To promote the use of centralized, purpose-built and efficiently-run laundromats in order to reduce resource consumption as a population.