Wash Options

Easy Wash facilities are designed to provide choice, flexibility and ease-of-use all at the same time. 
Our wash programs are combinations of several Wash Options that can help you deal with different fabrics and contaminants.
To make the most of our facility, each Wash Option is colour-coded and its purpose explained below:

A. What type of Physical Cleaning Action do you need?

Normal Wash 日常清洗 For daily home laundry made up of a variety of materials (e.g. t-shirts, jeans, daily working attire).
Soft wash 超柔手洗 Gentle wash for delicate fabrics (e.g. silk, lingerie, garments that are fragile or go out of shape easily).
Double Wash 双洗去污 2 consecutive washes and 2 doses of fresh detergent to deal with thick & heavily soiled laundry (e.g. curtains, tablecloth, towels, rugs, overalls, uniforms).

B. What type of Chemical Cleaning Action do you need?  

Ozone 凉水杀菌  For sterlization and whitening of laundry by using only cold water, which saves energy and protects fabrics.
Hot Water 高温杀菌  Uses heat to sterlize your laundry and clean grease contaminated laundry (See Warning).

(Warning: High heat sterilizes laundry but can also damage, shrink and wrinkle your clothes. Heat can also make some stains permanent e.g. protein-based stains).

C. Do you wish to add the Finishing Touch to your laundry?

Softener 柔顺调剂  Softens your clothing. Reduces electrostatic charge built up on the fabric.


For a more detailed write-up on the science behind different Cleaning Actions, please refer to our FAQ section.