Why Use Easy Wash Laundromat?

  • Cleaner Clothes

    Better wash results.
    Low-Suds Detergent. Ozone sterilization.
  • Convenient

    Open 24 hours.
    Minutes from Train stations.
  • Hassle-Free

    Free Detergent.
    No handling of chemicals.
    Cleaning agents auto-injected.
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  • Affordable

    Wash in bulk. Pay-as-you-use.
    Energy efficient Gas Dryers.
  • Safe & Secure Facility

    24-hour CCTV Surveillance.
    Safely piped Town Gas/City Gas.
  • Eco-Friendly

    Save Energy and Water with our Gas Dryers and Ozone Generators
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Convenient: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Rain or shine, you will always have clean clothes.

Hassle-free: Detergent, Softener and Ozone are added automatically

Why carry heavy bottles of cleaning fluids when Easy Wash automatically injects them into your laundry?

Why would you buy expensive cleaning fluids by the bottle when we purchase high quality commercial detergent in bulk for you?

At Easy Wash, our commercial detergent, softener and ozone wash options can be selected to have them injected automatically into your wash. In addition, our superior commercial detergent does not foam up like consumer detergents do. Most people do not know that foam only looks good to the average consumer but actually reduces the cleanliness of your wash.

Fast: Get clean laundry in 1 hour

Why wait for 1 week to receive clean laundry when you can have clean clothes in just 1 hour and at a fraction of the cost?

Efficient: Wash in bulk

Do you have a large family? Did you just return from a holiday or business trip?

Save time and money by washing in bulk with our huge washers and dryers. Just one wash cycle in our 20kg washer will replace 2-3 wash cycles in a small home washer.

Cost Savings: Enjoy cost efficiencies found only in commercial facilities

Use large heavy-duty machines at a fraction of their purchase price to wash your large items or to wash in bulk.

Use Gas Dryers which are about twice as energy efficient as Electric Dryers. This means significantly shorter drying times and less energy cost incurred.

Use Ozone to clean and sterilize your laundry like they do in hospitals, nursing homes and food factories. Ozone kills bacteria, reduces water consumption, lowers energy usage and shortens the wash cycle time. However, Ozone is an unstable molecule therefore Ozone is produced at the laundromat and used in the washing machine immediately.

No wastage of cleaning agents. Injected detergent and softener are precisely controlled by automatic pumps.

Can be cheaper than owning a home washer-dryer. Do you have a a large family and lot of laundry daily? Do you have inconsistent wash loads because you travel more than 30% of the time for work? In these cases, you may not need buy and maintain a large and expensive washer-dryer at home. At Easy Wash, we provide sufficient capacity to take in your large and irregular wash loads at anytime of the day.

Health: No personal handling of chemicals

We have installed auto-dosing detergent pumps for your convenience and for those with sensitive skin.

Safety: Avoid back sprains and fatal falls in high rise apartments

No more hanging of wet and heavy laundry to dry in cramped high rise apartments, which is especially risky for senior citizens.

Eco-Friendly: Save energy and water

Our commercial washers are programmed to deliver the best results without using large amounts of water. Compared to top loading washers and hand washing at home, laundromats significantly reduce the water consumption of a community.

Use Gas Dryer which are about twice as energy efficient as Electric Dryers to save energy consumption.

Using Ozone wash options at Easy Wash reduces the need for hot water because Ozone works best in cold water to sterlize your laundry. Due to the effectiveness of Ozone cleaning, lower water consumption can be achieved through shorter wash cycles.